Seed Stratification Method - Stimulate Natural Condition for Germination

Moist Cold Stratification

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Germination instructions
  1: Materials needed for cold stratification
  2: Seed Stratification Method
  3: Placing inside a common refrigerator
  4: Stratify Seeds - The germination
Tips for Starting your Seeds
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Germinate Seed - Cold Moist Stratification - How to stratify seeds
Moist inside the baggies break the seeds dormancy
Germination after Cold Stratification
Method for native perennials
Stratify seeds - Improving germination:

Every week, remove the container from the refrigerator to see the status of seeds and if some have sprouted.

The absorbent paper released his moisture to seeds.

Moistening Seeds - Cold Stratification pictures guide - DIY Seed stratification - USA Seeds
Process of a seed sprouting
Best Condition for germination
Cold Moist Stratification
Stratify seeds - Improving germination:
We can observe that some seeds have started to sprout!
Seed radicle - Stratification Method - Starting seed - Improving seed germination
Seed germination process
Making Winter for Seeds
Improving germination
Stratify seeds - Improving germination:
The seed coat has weakened and we see appear the radicle.
How to Germinate Seed - How to stratify Seeds - Seed germination - Improve germination
Seed radicle appear, the germination began
Cold Stratification Process
Indoor Cold Stratification
Stratify seeds - Improving germination:
Seeds are ready for sowing under grow lights or in a heated garden greenhouse.
How to Stratify Seeds - Cold stratification method
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Find everything you need to know about Cold Moist Stratification
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How to Germinate Seeds using Cold Treatment - Steps
DIY Cold Moist Stratification
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