Dry Creek Landscape - Build a Dry Stream Bed or Real Garden Stream

How to install the landscape fabric and pond liner

Pond underlayment - How to join 2 pond liners - Backyard stream designs - Water garden features
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Building instructions
  1: Making a Pond discharge
  2: Planning and digging a garden stream
  3: Installing liner underlay and EPDM liner
  4: Put the gravel and stones - DIY Streambed
  5: Flat stones Stream Waterfall
  6: Landscaping Garden stream banks
  7: Making the stream look realistic
Water Gardening Projects
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EPDM Liner and Geotextile Fabric Creek - Stream
Stream provide oxygen flow to the backyard pond
How to install geotextile liner
Build a realistic look streambed
Add underlay pond liner and pond liner:
The splendor of the new garden stream to one of the most beautiful panorama of the country. In background the Saguenay River and the Monts Valin.
Cascades and basins - Cascades Stream Gardening project - Cascading stair step method
Cascading stream - Designing for several cascades and basins
Cascading stream design
How to build a backyard stream
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
The first part is step streams (stair step method). Small dams in the EPDM pond liner will retain water level section at different levels of the slope.
how to build a dry creek - Creek Project - River stones and Gravel - Dry Creek
Stream bed covering design idea
Creek bed idea
Build a creek pond
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
Cutting edge of the lawn and digging the streambed. Width of lawn removed:
8 feet.

The best design for a downhill stream is to use stair stepping.
Build a Cascading Waterfalls - Build a dry creek - meandering garden stream
Landscape fabric under and over the pond liner
How to protect pond liner
Cheap geotextile liner
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
Covering streambed with 3 Layers:

1- Add a layer of geotextile liner;
2- Next, cover that liner with a layer of epdm pond liner;
3- Add a second layer of geotextile liner.
Meanders of the stream - Build a realistic creek at home
Downhillm stream section
Build a stream with meanders
Garden stream landscaping
Add pond liner underlay and pond liner:
Meandering stream that give a depth effect to the landscape.
Build a Stream - How to protect Pond Liner against rocks - pond underlay liner
Fitting pond liner in stream bed
How to install pond liner
Cascading waterfalls and streams
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
Installing the stream rubber liner over the geotextile liner.
Cascading Creek - Bog building Idea - how to make a bog as pond filter
Pond liner underlay increase liner life
Streambed design
Setting the Pond liner underlay
Add pond liner underlay and pond liner:
Installing geotextile fabric that will protect the EPDM creek liner. Logs over it to stay geotextile in place (wind).
Merging Pond Liner - Joining pond liner - Vulcanizing EPDM rubber line -  Vulcanize - Vulcanization process
EPDM pond liner tape to seam an epdm pond liner
How to join pond liners
Joining two pond liners
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
Preparation for joining two EPDM pond liners 50' (vulcanization process).
I used a double-sided adhesive tape 10 feet long sold in stores (specially designed for the pond liner EPDM).
How to build a stream - Creek building plan - garden stream liner
Fitting the pond liner
Pond Liner for garden Stream
Installing a flexible pond liner
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
Installing the pond liner is more difficult when there are curves (twist and turn creek design). I folded it.

Tips: Fill the stream to form pond liner to the streambed.
Cheap Pond Creek - garden stream
How to make the creek look realistic
Stream building design idea
Meanders backyard stream
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
Looking this picture, I've very much looking forward to edging garden stream.
How to build a creek - Build creek bed - streambed design
200 feet long garden stream
Creek building design idea
Bigger garden stream building guide
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
No! The garden stream does not throw in the Saguenay River in the background.
Saguenay is 500' far away.
DIY Creek - How to Build a Creek - stream water course - stream path
Bigger water gardening project
Stream bed
Build a backyard stream
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
The garden creek or backyard stream water course seen from above.
Pond Discharge - Artificial Stream - Pond and Creek pictures
Stream pump lift the water back to the top end
Pond Stream and Waterfalls
Garden stream landscaping
Add geotextile liner and pond liner:
View of the discharge leading to the garden stream. To the left and right of the exit of the pond I installed 2 pieces of turf for natural filtration.
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