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How to build a pond discharge for garden stream

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Building instructions
  1: Making a Pond discharge
  2: Planning and digging a garden stream
  3: Installing landscape fabric and EPDM liner
  4: Put the gravel and stones - DIY Streambed
  5: Flat stones Stream Waterfall
  6: Landscaping Garden stream banks
  7: Making the stream look realistic
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Landscaping a Garden Stream in your backyard
 In summer of 2006, I set a goal to start the 200 feet garden stream. This will allow the pond to discharge into the garden stream / artificial creek.

Objective: Build a natural filter for the pond. Water circulation, water aeration, water filtration.

Clear water with aquatic plants!
Build a Stream - Build a Creek - Garden stream designs ideas
Garden stream 
Garden stream landscaping ideas

Build a Backyard Creek - Pond Stream - backyard stream
Dig out the stream design to the desired depth

Build a Garden Creek
The garden stream headwaters
Making a pond discharge:
Pond mouth excavation and the beginning of the stream.
Landscaping a Creek or Stream - Create a Pond Creek - create a dream garden stream - path of the streambed
Path of the streambed
How to build a backyard stream
Digging meandering streambed
Making a pond discharge:
Early removal lawn. A sinuous (twist and turn streambed) gives a natural look to the stream and extent view.
Digging Garden Creek - Trace an outline of the strembed - Water gardening designs ideas
Garden stream building pictures
Rustic Garden stream designs
How to build a creek bed
Making a pond discharge:
In the photo here, you can see that it will excavate 3 feet. Planning the pond mouth that will another nice waterfall.
Build a Pond discharge - Creek Design and Ideas - Stream water course - creek in your yard
Excavate a streambed
DIY Cascading Creek
How to build a pond discharge
Making a pond discharge:
Wooden structure to support the earth if a rainy day happens.
How to build a Backyard Stream - Creek headwaters - cascading creek - water garden stream
DIY an artificial creek
Homemade backyard stream
How to dig a garden streambed
Making a pond discharge:
Making edges into the ground for EPDM pond liner installation.
Stream pictures - Creek pictures - The discharge of the Pond - waterfall sprout
Pond discharge design idea
Realistic Water feature
Natural pond filter idea
Making a pond discharge:
Small wooden garden bridge over the beginning of the garden creek. We will sit and swing our feet into this waterfall.

To achieve this, I buried the excess pond liner into the ground. Then I dug up the pond liner to have until early fall.
Flat stones waterfall - Bridge over the Creek - Creek under the garden bridge - pond discharge
Waterfall as garden pond discharge
Water Garden Stream
Pond stream designs ideas
Making a pond discharge:
The small garden bridge in front of the pond waterfall.
Build a Cascading Creek Stream Waterfall - Cascades Landscaping - Gargoyle - waterfall sprout
Headwaters stream waterfalls
Headwaters of the stream
How to build a meandering stream
Making a pond discharge:
An advanced flat stone playing the role of a gargoyle or waterfall sprout.
The Creek Bed - Dry Creek building - diy dry creek bed - garden stream landscaping
How to build a meandering garden stream
Garden stream landscaping
Create a dream stream
Making a pond discharge:
Sloped backyard can make garden stream design much easier. Pond pump lift the water back to the top end.
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