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Building instructions
  1: Establish outline - Tools and material
  2: Dig fence post holes and Set Cedar Posts
  3: Set rails height and Install them with wire
  4: Finishing work and outcome
Landscaping Project Ideas
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Build cedar rail fence Plan - How to install a fence - Urban fencing
Outdoor fencing Idea
Post and Rail Fence
How to install wooden post & rail fencing
Round rail fencing idea:
During the rails installation:

1. For a fence section, install the bottom rail on the wire.

2. Place the bottom rail of the other section over the rail held by wire.

3. Repeat this building instructions for the top rail.
Build cedar rail fence Guide - Fence Installation and maintenance
Round Rail Fence
Round Rail Wood Fence
Round Rail Fencing Installation
Round rail fencing idea:
Also you can use round rails to make a rustic fence. Here you can see the round rails between both cedar split posts.
Split-Rails-Fence - Round rail fence
How to build a rustic fence
Cedar Rail Fence
Why using cedar wood?
Round rail fencing idea:
Round rail fence view.
Cedar is used for this fence.

It should be noted that you can use other varieties of trees as cedar to build a rail fence.

By cons, cedar does not rot. Cedar contain natural oil and have not maintenance to do because its anti-fungal properties.
How to Build a log fence Plan - Round rail Fence
Wooden fence
Build Split-Rail Fence
Round Rail Fence Design Idea
Round rail fencing idea:
Center fence section where the bottom rail is placed above the left and right sections.

For the left and right sections, the split rails are supported by wire.
Build a log fences Guide - Log fence Design ideas - Cedar fence
Log Fence Ideas
Country Style Fence design idea
Front Yard Fence Idea
Round rail fencing idea:
No need to dig so deep when you install fence stakes or posts.

The sections hold themselves.
How to Build Cedar rail fences - Country fence - split rail fence
Cedar Round Rail Fence
Outdoor Fencing Ideas
Rustic Fence Building Guide
Round rail fencing idea:
The cedar rail fence gives a rustic look to the front of the yard.

Country Fence design !

Very beautiful too for a city yard.
How to Build Cedar rail fences - The fences - Fences pictures ideas
Rail Wood fencing Design
Exterior Fencing Design
How to build rustic fence
Round rail fencing idea:
Rustic appearance of the cedar split rail fence in winter.
Split Rail Fence Building Design Idea Plan
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