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Building instructions
  1: Establish outline - Tools and material
  2: Dig fence post holes and Set Cedar Posts
  3: Set rails height and Install them with wire
  4: Finishhing work and outcome
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Build a Rustic Cedar Split-rail fence in your front yard

Last year, to give a more rustic look in front of the house, I decided to make a cedar rail fence. Authentic, ancestry or country style design fence. I can't find anything on the Internet to guide me for this building.

So I share to you my experiment as a result of field observations and building.

The anti-fungal properties of cedar requires no special maintenance !

Idea to add rustic appeal to your backyard !

Split rail fencing - Build Cedar Rail Fence - Plan Guide Split rail fence
Split rail fence
Cedar split rail fence or log rail fence - 4 easy steps tutorial

How to build a cedar railing - Country fencing ideas - Cedar fence
Making a rustic fence

How to Build Cedar Rail Fence
Cedar fence Posts
Plannning and material - Establish outline:
You need two handy tools for the fence project: one pick to do holes posts, a metal bar (tamp-it down bar) for the ground compaction and to set the fence posts.
Cedar split-rail fence - Cedar Rails - Cedar Posts - Cedar Stakes - rustic split rail
Split Rail Fence Design Idea
How to build rustic fence
Cedar rustic split posts
Plannning and material - Establish outline:
Cedar rails that I'll put horizontally. Lengths range: 8 feet, 10 feet or 12 feet.

It seems that the cedar rails are getting hard to find in USA.
Split rail fence idea - How to make a cedar fence - Cedar Posts - Log fences - Cedar Piles
How to build a simple split rail fence
Cedar Fence Stakes
How to build Split Rail Fence
Plannning and material - Establish outline:
Rail that I used to build this rustic fence could be cedar posts (stakes) too. Even if they are of different lengths, I'll cut once installed vertically.
Rail fence outline - Build Country fence - Cedar Rail Fencing - rustic fence - DIY rail fence
Building Rustic Fence Plan
Country Fence Design Idea
Making a rustic split rail fence
Plannning and material - Establish outline:
Before beginning the rail fence project, we must establish the fence outline. To do this, use a mason's string and stakes.
Cypress split rail fence - Build Cedar fence railing - How to build a cedar railing - Country fence
Cedar Rails
Install a Split Rail Fence
Rail Wood Fencing Idea
Plannning and material - Establish outline:
Plan fence rail sections of the same length. Arrange close to the fence line ready for installation.

You can mark fence posts location with spray paint.
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