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Greenhouse Projects
Building steps
  1: Install ground anchors
  2: Attach the greenhouse base to anchors
  3: Install the side walls structure
  4: Build front and end walls frame 
  5: Frame a Greenhouse Roof 
  6: Installation of polyethylene plastic film 
  7: Exterior Greenhouse Finishing 
  8: Finishing the greenhouse interior 
  9: Shelves - Grow Boxes - Potting Bench 
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With used windows
Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
To the base of the greenhouse can be laid in the earth. Ideal for creating new flowerbeds.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
The back of the greenhouse finished. To preserve the wood, a little linseed oil (cedar color dye).
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With old windows
Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
A ramp to access to the greenhouse is useful and practical. We can then bring to a wheelbarrow.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
Here we can see that although the polyethylene film on the roof and sides of the conservatory is one piece. It is only attached to the bottom and sides. This allows the vibration and prevents the accumulation of snow in winter.

So, three plastic sheets needed:

1- Front of the greenhouse
2- Behind the greenhouse
3- Two sides walls and roof.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
Front of the greenhouse. The windows open well and allow a natural ventilation.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
American Forum Friends visiting my new greenhouse.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
Installation of plate around the base of the greenhouse to prevent the weed to invade the greenhouse.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
Logs stay on the plate.
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
The plates have a 12" height
(one foot).
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Greenhouse - Exterior finishing:
Replace the ground up to ensure proper insulation.
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