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Building steps
  1: Install ground anchors
  2: Attach the greenhouse base to anchors
  3: Install the side walls structure
  4: Build front and end walls frame 
  5: Frame a Greenhouse Roof 
  6: Installation of polyethylene plastic film 
  7: Exterior Greenhouse Finishing 
  8: Finishing the greenhouse interior 
  9: Shelves - Grow Boxes - Potting Bench 
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Greenhouse interior finishing:
Install hooks to attach ropes.
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Greenhouse interior finishing:
Wood preservation with linseed oil cedar color.
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Greenhouse interior finishing:
Adding a thermometer.
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Greenhouse interior finishing:
The first year, I added a bit of rich soil and I sowed the first seedlings of tomatoes.
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Front view of the greenhouse interior.
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Greenhouse interior finishing:
Center Interior view of the backyard greenhouse. On the right, some pepper plants growing.
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