How to Build a Ground Level Deck

Plan the foundation and leveling

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Building Instructions
  1: Plan the foundation and leveling
  2: Frame the ground level deck
  3: Lay the decking
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Building a floating deck
You have free small flat area in your backyard and you wish to take advantage of it for entertaining your family or guests outdoors? Why not to think about building a ground level deck, it's simple!

It consists to install a foundation on which a wooden structure will be placed. It's on this structure that the boards will be fixed for making the floor.

After that, it will be the time for putting on table, chairs, barbecue and more!

Check out this guide to get an idea for building your floating deck.
Plarform Deck
Ground Level Deck
GrillHow to build a floating deck in your backyard - 3 Easy Steps
Ground level deck - foundation
Choose ground level deck location
Floating deck Location
Prepare the deck area
Ground level deck with deck blocks :
To determine the location for installing a ground level deck, ask yourself about the sunshine duration, the proximity of your home or a point of near an attraction such as a swimming pool for example.

Ideally, the floating deck installation location should be level.

The size of this ground level deck, presented in this guide : 16 ft x 16 ft.
Ground level deck foundation
Covering and leveling
How to Level the Deck Area
Set the concrete blocks
Ground level deck with deck blocks :
Determine the dimensions of your ground level deck before its construction and get the materials needed accordingly.

Remove the grass, level the space with gravel and place a landscape fabric on the ground.

Install the concrete bases or deck blocks that will support the deck frame. If it's necessary, and for more stability, you can add concrete slabs under the deck blocks. Using these concrete blocks as foating is the least expensive option.

Consider ground level deck ventilation!
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