Ground Level Deck Building Steps

Install the deck boards

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Building Instructions
  1: Plan the foundation and leveling
  2: Frame the ground level deck
  3: Lay the decking
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Decking a ground level deck
Lay de decking
Outdoor Structure Ideas
Build a ground level deck with deck blocks
Install the deck boards :
Before installing the boards of the ground level deck floor (decking), cover the top of the joists and beams with joist tape (frame waterproof strip).
Joist tape
Protect your Deck from joist rot
Deck Joists and Beams
Protect your deck substructure
Install the deck boards :
Extend the life of your deck in one easy step with the joist guard waterproof membrane.

This self-adhesive membrane helps to prevent rotting of structural timbers under ground level decks. It's easy to install on most decking materials, including treated wood and composite materials.
Ground level deck
Edge trimming
Garden Structures
Ground level deck framing plans
Install the deck boards :
Install you decking boards (size : 1-inch x 6-inch) using treated-wood screws.
Decking in a ground level deck
Ground level deck finishing
DIY Ground-Level-Deck
Tips for building a floating deck
Install the deck boards :
Install your garden furniture on your new wooden floating deck.

Your under deck is very well ventilate with this type of foundation (deck blocks).
Ground level deck
Ground level deck design idea
Ground Level Deck Design
Outdoor living
Install the deck boards :
If you want, add steps or stairs.
Ground level deck
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