How to Build a Sidewalk Paver

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Building instructions
  1: Requirement and location
  2: Materials and excavation
  3: Crushed gravel - Stone dust - Compaction
  4: Edging with Log borders
  5: Installing paver blocks and finishing
  6: Joints and Installing polymeric sand
Landscaping Ideas
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Edging with Logs - How to make a paving stone plain - Paving Pathway
Paver edging idea
Paving Pathway
Edging paver with logs
Log borders idea:
Aspen edging logs 8" diameter.
How lay block paving - Logs borders - Create a Paver
How edging entrance paver
Paver Edging - Paver borders
Install concrete pavers
Log borders idea:
Installation methods according the height of your block pavers.
Create the paver edges - How lay block paving - Concrete Pavers - Leveling paver base
DIY Paver - Paver base material - Leveling the paver base with a stud
Build Walkway Pavers
Install interlocking pavers
Log borders idea:
The landscape fabric must pass under and behind the log border.
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