How to Use Polymeric Sand

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Building instructions
  1: Requirement and location
  2: Materials and excavation
  3: Crushed gravel - Stone dust - Compaction
  4: Edging with Log borders
  5: Installing paver blocks and finishing
  6: Joints and Installing polymeric sand
Landscaping Ideas
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Polymeric Sand
Polymeric Sand
Use Polymeric Sand
Paver Joints Idea
Installing polymeric sand:
How to use polymeric sand when installing pavers?

Polymeric sand is a material used to fill paver joints.

Use Polymer sand (Techniseal) to seal the paver joints.

For the application, choose a sunny day.
Polymeric Sand for Paver Joints
Jointing paver Idea
Polymeric Jointing Sand
Driveway paver idea
Installing polymeric sand:
Clean the walkway pavers before applying the polymer sand.

Then pour the contents of the polymeric sand bag over the pavers.
How to Install Polymeric Sand
Polymeric Sand installation
Polymeric Sand
Polymeric Sand Installation Procedure
Installing polymeric sand:
Using a broom, push the sand in the pavers joints.
Paver Joints - Polymeric Sand
How to fill the paver joints
Do-it-yourself Paver
The Polymeric sand
Installing polymeric sand:
Do this several times to fill the joints of polymeric sand.

Once the joints well filled, remove excess polymeric sand.
Build sidewalk paver - Polymeric Sand for Walkway Paver
Polymeric Sand Idea
Fill the paver joints
DIY Procedure
Installing polymeric sand:
Fill with water using garden watering can.

Sprinkle evenly paved.
How to Use Polymeric Sand - Entrance Paver
How to install paver polymeric sand
Entrance Paver Design
Build cheap Paver
Installing polymeric sand:
Allow the paver and avoid the traffic for at least 8 hours.

Nothing is easier !
How to build a paver walkway - Laying paver blocks - DIY Paver
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