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Planting instructions
  1: Choose the containers
  2: Soil, Peat Moss and Compost
  3: Make your own potting mix
  4: Plant annual flowers in Planter Box
  5: Watering Fertilizing and Caring
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Creating flower planters
Creating beautiful flower boxes is an art. The container gardening can be practised in city or in country.

But for filling garden pots, planters, flower boxes or window boxes few knowledge are necessary.

It's a simple technique: Selecting containers, using propper soil, preparing the containers, planting and maintaining the plants.

It can be applied with all containers. Check out this step by step instructions for decorating a deck or all area in your garden!
Planting window boxes - Container gardening idea - Arrange plants in a window box
Planting window box
Instructions for planting your flowers into containers filled with a homemade potting mix
Plastic Planters - How to plant a window box - Tip for filling garden pots
Plastic Planters - How to plant a window box - Tips for filling garden pots
Planting a Window Box
Tips for filling planter box
Choosing a container for planting:
Several varieties of garden pots or containers are available on the market.

Here, we choose 36 inches black plastic planters.

They will be installed into wooden planters used as flowerpot holders.
Planting a planter box - Create a container - Preparing planters for flowers
Pick a container - Drainage hole under the plastic window box
Selecting Containers
How to plant a window box
Choosing a container for planting:
Ensure that containers are provided with a drainage hole. This will drain the water in case of over watering and will avoid plant roots rot.
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