Window Box Gardening - Watering Fertilizing and Caring

Planting railing planter boxes

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Planting instructions
  1: Choose the containers
  2: Soil, Peat Moss and Compost
  3: Make your own potting mix
  4: Plant annual flowers in Planter Box
  5: Watering Fertilizing and Caring
List of Gardening Tips
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Creating flower planters - Creating flower boxes - Creating window boxes
Annual Plants in containers

Watering Flower Boxes

How to plant a planter box with flowers
Watering fertilizing and caring for window boxes:
Once planted, let the plants to grow until the last frost of the spring season.

Ensure that the small plants does not lack water.
Planting in a planter box - Planting in a window box - Planting in a flower box
Arrange plants in a flower box
Preparing your Railing Planters
For a successful window box
Watering fertilizing and caring for window boxes:
Carry out a contribution of fertilizer ordinary every fifteen days in period of growth.

Use a 15-30-15 water soluble flower fertilizer.

1st number: Nitrogen (N)
(promotes healthy leaf)

2nd number: Phosphorus (P)
(supports the vigorous development of roots, stems, fruits, and blossums)

3rd number: Potassium (K)
(plays a key role in helping plants digest and manufacture their food)

Fill the watering can, add soluble fertilizer and water the transplants.
Deck flower boxes - Hanging Deck railing planters
Hanging deck railing planters
Balcony Flowers
Decorating Porch with railing planters
Watering fertilizing and caring for window boxes:
The homemade potting mix is doing its job. The result is excellent!
Deck flower boxes - Planting in a deck railing planters - Planter boxes on deck railings
Planter boxes on deck railings
Deck Decor Ideas
Planting a window box
Watering fertilizing and caring for window boxes:
Plastic planter boxes are inserted into the wooden boxes. These wooden boxes are attached to the deck railings.

How to make wooden flower boxes:

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Wooden planter box - How to build and plant in a planter box - Planter box for deck railings
Container planting advice and ideas - How to create flower boxes
Planting a Planter Box
Container gardening tips ideas
Watering fertilizing and caring for window boxes:
Choosing annual flower varieties which correspond to the brightness level of the growing place.

Here the planters are located in part shade area. It's good for this variety of cascading petunias.
Planter box - How to plant a planter box - Creating flower planters - Deck flower box - Decorating with flower boxes
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