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Water Gardening Projects
Building instructions
  1: Mark the outline and dig the Garden Pond
  2: Installing Pond Liner and Pond underlay
  3: Fill the Backyard Pond
  4: Edging the Aquatic Garden
  5: Pond Landscaping Design Ideas
  6: Planting and growing Pond Plants
  7: Pond Winterizing - Making Pond De-Icer
  8: Tips - Filters Pumps Water Garden supplies
  9: Pond Fish care - Koi and Goldfish
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How to fill Water Garden - Pond Basins - Fill a Pond - The Water Garden Pond
How to fill a backyard water garden - Pond Liner overlay
Fill The Water Garden
Do-it-yourself a Garden Pond
Fill the garden pond for the first time:
Installation of the second layer of fabric (over the EPDM Pond liner). This second layer on top of the pond liner is called an overlay.
Thereafter, fill the pond with water to mold the various shapes in the basin.
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