How to Plant Pond Plants - Planting Instructions

Planting aquatic plants into a water garden

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  3: Fill the Backyard Pond
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  5: Pond Landscaping Design Ideas
  6: Planting and growing Pond Plants
  7: Pond Winterizing - Making Pond De-Icer
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  9: Pond Fish care - Koi and Goldfish
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Water garden plants - Planting aquatic plants in a pond - Pond plants - Growing pond plants - water lily pond
Aquatic planting - Pond plant care
Adding Pond Plants
How to plant pond plants
Planting and growing pond plants:
Planting aquatic plants in or around a pond will complete its natural look.

Varieties of plants for different places. There are four categories of pond plants: marginals, deep water, floating, submerged and bog.

You can buy plants from garden center or get native plants anywhere.
Adding plants to your garden pond - plants to landscape garden pond - Pond water lilies
Planting your garden pond
Planting Aquatic Plants
Pond plants planting instructions
Planting and growing pond plants:
Plants encourage wildlife and can help keep water clear (shade) and oxygen it.
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