Wood Chipper - Chippers to make Wood Chips for Organic Mulching

Buy a Truckload of chips from pruners or Make RCW with a Chipper

Organic soil enrichment and reamendment - Pick the right size wood chipper - Types of wood chippers
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  1: The raw material to make RCW
  2: Chippers and truckload delivery by pruners
  3: Making a cardboard flower bed
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There are two ways to get the ramial chipped wood for your garden:

1- Using a personal chipper shredder or hire;

2- Request a truckload of chips from pruners to deliver the contents of their truck in your garden.

I will discuss about both ways here !
wood chipper - Ramial chipped wood (RCW) - Bear Cat Chippers and Delivery by Pruners
Make your organic mulch material
Wood Chipper Shredder
Wood chipping machine
1- Making ramial chipped wood with a wood chipper:
Home chipper shredder or garden mulcher can be used to make RCW.
Here, a model Bear Cat.


When you buying a chipper shredder:
3 inches chipper capacity at least.

After the pruning trees, the branches are ready for shredding or chipping.

Cheap wood chippers - Wood chips - Permaculture - Regenerating soil - Soil development - Ramial chipped wood (RCW)
Woodchip mulch
How to make wood chip mulch
Chippers and wood chips
1- Making ramial chipped wood with a wood chipper:

Wheelbarrow containing RCW birch branches.

Wood milling !

The ramial chipped branches will be used like fertilizer (Nitrogen), (soil amendments).
USA Wood Chipper - Chipper shredder - Making ramial chipped wood - Garden mulch - wood chip mulch - Pruning tree
Chopped leaves and chipped branch-wood
Making Ramial Chipped Wood
Buy or rent a wood chipper
1- Making ramial chipped wood with a wood chipper:
The branches are crushed into the chipper.

This is the step of the fragmentation of the raw material.


Follow safety rules when using the chipper.
Wood chips delivered by truckload - From arborists
Wood chips delivered by truckload - From arborists
Wood chips delivery for free mulch
Chipped tree material for free
2- Wood chips truckload delivery from pruners:
Arborists have to find some places to dump wood chips or ramial chipped wood. You can get this free wood chips delivered right to your home. Their industrial shredders produce good ramial chipped wood (RCW).

Contact your local pruners or arborists and help them to get rid of wood chips. Pruners or trimmers is offering a full truckload of woodchips for free or for a few bucks.

Before the delivery, ensure that the truck load will not contain more than 20% of conifer residue.
Wood chip mulch - Mulching raised bed - Mulching garden - Making Ramial chipped wood
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