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Making and Using the ramial chipped wood - RCW

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The Living Soil
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Making and using Wood Chip Mulch
Also called brown gold by american gardeners or RCW mulch, ramial chipped wood or RCW is used in agriculture or horticulture. They come from fragmentation by mechanical milling branches (chipped branch-wood).

The ramial chipped wood can stimulate biological activity in the soil and are very effective as mulch. By composting, the RCW is transformed into humus. So you can recreate your soil and make it rich in micro-organisms. Living soil is the best way to take care of your garden plants ! It's common practice for Permaculture in USA.
Wood chips - garden mulch - Permaculture - Regenerating soil - Soil development - Ramial chipped wood (RCW)
Wood chip mulch
How to get ramial chipped wood (RCW) and sheet mulching garden beds

Ramial Chipped Wood - RCW - Garden mulch - USA wood chip mulch
Chopped leaves and branch-wood - The  Lignin process

Ramial Chipped Wood
Making and using ramial chipped wood RCW
Organic mulching with ramial chipped wood (RCW):
Fragments of branches mixed with decaying leaves.

The mushrooms and micro-organisms do the job very well. The biological activity create by the fragmentation will allow regeneration and soil enrichment.

Enrich your soil naturally without fertilizer!
RCW - How to make a ramial chipped wood - organic mulches - organic mulch material - soil building
Shredded bark
Organic mulch material
Garden Mulch Ideas
Organic mulching with ramial chipped wood (RCW):
To allow the biological activity (Pedogenesis, decomposition, lignin, trophic chain, cellulose, hemicelluloses, nitrogen), RCW must not contain more than 20% of material from conifers.

So the ideal is to have 100% of leafy material.
Mulching with Ramial chipped Wood - Living soil - Hemicellulose - ramial wood chips - shredded bark - USA decorative mulch
Ramial wood chips mulch
Ramial Wood Chips
How to make a living soil
Organic mulching with ramial chipped wood (RCW):
Conifer boughs more acids act as an antifungal and decompose more slowly.
Regenerate soil - RCW - Mulch - Mulching - Forest Mulch - Ramial chipped wood
RCW is an organic mulch material
Mulching with Ramial Chipped Wood
Building soil with Ramial Wood Chips
Organic mulching with ramial chipped wood (RCW):
At best, fragments branch (small limbs) must have a maximum  7 cm or 2" 3/4.

The decomposition of the material creates a lot of heat in the middle of the heap. You can see smoke coming from the RCW early in morning.

This forest material will turn into a rich humus. This natural process is used by organic farming for soil amendment.

Chipped branch-wood - Using ramial chipped wood - wood chippings - chipped tree material
Building soil with ramial chipped wood
How to make mulch with bark and chopped leaves
Chipped branch-wood
Organic mulching with ramial chipped wood (RCW):
Here, a RCW truckload delivery who contains maple chips.
Decorative Mulch - Organic garden - Making and using the ramial chipped wood - garden mulch
Cheap Mulching Way - Using ramial wood chips
Ramial chipped wood composition
Chipped tree material
Organic mulching with ramial chipped wood (RCW):
A lot of RCW containing alder and spruce (Less than 20% conifer).


The more acidic RCW can be placed in the beds of plants that like acidity. To decrease acidity, you can use ash wood from fireplace.

The Ramial Chipped Wood is a good material to make a carboard flower beds.
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