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Staining your exterior deck

Victorian veranda ideas - Deck cleaning steps - Exterior wood stains - Spandrel ideas - Deck refinishing
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Deck Staining instructions
  1: Apply wood stain on decking - The Method
  2: Paint the railings and deck stairs
  3: Wood deck care - Keep deck well protected
Deck Maintenance Tips
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Stain for decking - Preserve Deck - Deck stain colors - Maintening deck - deck miantenance
Stain for decking
Wood Deck Care
How to Protect your deck
Wood deck care - Keep deck well protected:
Decking after second stain coat.

You can see waterproofing stains provide complete outdoor wood protection. After a rain, water beads on the wooden planks.
Staining Balcony - Deck Maintenance - Applying stain deck
Seal and stain pressure treated wood decking
Covered Deck
Maintain Wood structures
Wood deck care - Keep deck well protected:
Stain or paint american porch or deck railings is a hard job !

For balusters and victorian trims you can stain or paint them using a Compressed Air Sprayer.

Using a brush to apply stain on all surfaces requires a lot of work !
How to stain stair rail - how to stain balusters - applying deck stain
Stain a deck
Stain Deck Railings
Wood Trims Stain product
Wood deck care - Keep deck well protected:
Translucent stain allows natural characteristic and grain of wood to show through.

For Country House look and design, the original appearance of the wood is good idea.
Stain to protect the wood as well - Exterior stain - stain balcony - staining raised deck
Wrap-around deck staining method
Deck Rails
Deck and Exterior Stain
Wood deck care - Keep deck well protected:
Before starting to stain your deck, test your color choice on a small area, applying all coats required.

You must consider to match it up with your existing roof and any mortar or siding. For this project, the cedar stain color fits well with Blue Midnight Canexel siding of the house.
Canexel Midnight blue - Canexel Cladding - Canexel Finish - Country house design
Staining application techniques
Waterproofing Stain
Protect the wood as well
Wood deck care - Keep deck well protected:
This is the outcome after 100 hours
of work !

The Porch deck look very good and is well protected.

The Deck or Patio is restored for few years.

How to build a covered deck or Porch deck?
Greenhouse Building Steps - How to build a garden greenhouse
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