Uses for Wood Ash in the Garden

Fireplace or stove ash - Chemical properties

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Uses for Wood Ash at Home and in the Garden
Should you put wood ashes in your garden?
That's the question!

For sure you can use wood ashes as fertilizer if needed but be carefully because they can affect the pH level of you soil.

Depending what you burn in your fireplace or stove, the ashes won't have the same chemical properties.

How to use wood ash properly in your garden? Check out this uses in this guide to know more!
Ash in garden
Wood ash
Benefits and Uses of Wood Ash
Wood ash
Stove's ash pan

Chemical characteristics of wood ash

Is wood ash safe for gardens?
Chemical properties of wood ash :
Wood ash from fireplaces, wood stoves or outdoor fires can become wealth for thegardeners, however with certain limitations.

Once the stove is cleaned, the ashes of the stove sends up in the ash pan. For use in the garden, it's essential to avoid burning treated wood, wood with paint or wood containing screws, nails or hardware. This is to prevent heavy metals and other pollutants from ending up in the ashes.

Being mildly caustic, it's suggested to use gloves when handling the ash.

Compostable in small quantities, wood ash can replace lime to decrease soil acidity.

Considering its effect of neutralizing acidity (increase in PH), ash should not be applied to spaces in the garden where it is found by acidophilic plants (plants which need acidic soil to grow) ( pH between 4 and 6.5). For example: Azaleas, rhododendrons, raspberries. In addition, calcareous soil does not need ash because it is already alkaline!

wood ash uses 
Wood ash can raise pH considerably
Wood ash Chemical Composition
Tips and precautions
Chemical properties of wood ash :
Wood ash is an excellent fertilizer because it is mainly composed of calcium (between 20 and 50%). It also contains potassium (between 3 and 9%), silica (14%), magnesium (1 to 4%), phosphorus (0.5 to 2%) and other trace elements. Note that it doesn't contain nitrogen!

To avoid disturbing or unbalancing the chemical and biological composition of the soil, do not exceed the following dose of ash: 100 grams of ash/10ft2 and per year, or by around 2 big handfuls.

Before transporting the ash pan filled with ashes, make sure that the ashes are not hot. This is to prevent the possibility of fire.

You can, if you wish, pass your ashes through a sieve in order to keep only the ash powder. The pieces of coal can still be deposited in the garden with the finer ashes.

We can, among other things, use the ash in the garden: in compost, on the lawn to reduce the amount of moss, in the mixture of soil for planters or flower pots, to neutralize and enrich chicken manure, etc.
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