Adding Wood Ash in your Potting Mix

Improve Your Soil Using Wood Ash

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  1: Chemical properties of wood ash
  2: Reduce ammonia & acidity in chicken manure
  3: Fertilize & neutralize acidic soil - Potting mix
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Cow manure
Cow manure
Wood Ash in Potting Mix
How to create a rich soil
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
Wood ash is an excellent fertilizer rich in phosphorus, potassium (P-K) and calcium.

With a pH between 6.5 and 8.0 (ash), it acts as a neutralizer when applied to the garden (reduction of acidity).
Peat moss
Peat moss
Using Wood Ash
When adding peat moss in potting mix
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
When designing flower boxes, the containers should be filled with a light and rich growing medium. Manure, sphagnum peat moss and garden soil with perlite will be used.

This rich mixture to nourish annual plants and thus ensure abundant flowering can also be amended with wood ash.
Peat moss bulk
Opening peat moss bulk
Potting Mix Recipes
List of secret ingredients
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
The wood ash will act as a neutralizer of the acidity of the peat moss in addition to serving as a fertilizer.

Sphagnum peat allows to keep the soil mellow and ventilated, make it lighter and retain water to feed flowering plants in containers, planters and pots.

The pH level of sphagnum peat moss is around 4.5 which is a slightly acidic level (7 being the level of neutrality). ind
Homemade potting mix recipe
Homemade potting mix recipe
Benefits of Wood Ash for Potting Mix
Helping to neutralize acid soils
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
In a mixture for annual flowers in containers, add 1/3 peat moss.

For the rest of the mixture, it will be a little perlite, manure or compost and garden soil.

A chicken coop manure or a good old sheep, horse, shrimp or cow manure will once again enrich the soil mix.

Mix everything well with a garden shovel.
Wood ash
Wood ash container
Wood Ash Bucket
Get wood ash from your stove or fireplace
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
Bring up your container full filled of wood ashes close to your mix.

The wood ash will take care of making the mixture more alkaline!
Wood ash in garden
Ash as soil amendement
Is Wood Ash Good for Garden Soil?
Wood Ash as Soil Amendment
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
With a shovel, lightly sprinkle the soil mixture with hearth ashes.

The suggested amount is 100 to 120 grams per 11 ft2 of soil (on the surface of your containers).
Soil pH
Increasing soil pH
Soil pH
How much wood ash to add to soil
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
After sprinkling, mix the potting soil well.

With this wood ash amendment, you will help to decrease the acidity level of the peat moss in the mix.
Containers for gardening
Planting planters
Adding Wood Ash in Potting Mix
How to make your own fertilizer
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
Your young flower plants will benefit from rich and less acidic soil.

Be careful if you want to grow acid-loving plants in your containers! In this case the addition of wood ash in the growing medium is not recommended.
Wood ash for plants
Railing planters bring color - blooming petunias
Wood ash for Plants
Secret to make your flowers bloom more
Homemade potting mix recipe using wood ash :
Here are my wooden flower boxes filled with Waerfall Petunia. They benefit from a great soil!

Wood ash can be magical when you can reuse it in the garden!
Wood ashes
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