Using Wood Ash in Chicken Manure

Chicken Manure as Garden Fertilizer

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  1: Chemical properties of wood ash
  2: Reduce ammonia & acidity in chicken manure
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Chicken manure
Pile of chicken manure accumulated during the winter season
Wood Ash In Manure
Using wood ash wisely
Adding ash to chicken manure :
Hen manure is an excellent fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (N-P-K) and calcium.

With a pH level between 6.5 and 8.0, it acts as a neutralizer when applied to soil in the garden (reduction of acidity).
Chicken manure in garden
Chicken manure is a good fertilizer for uses in the garden
To Increase Alkalinity Level
Wood ash as acid neutralizer
Adding ash to chicken manure :
When cleaning the winter chicken coop or four-season chicken coop, you can put the chicken manure near to the vegetable garden or in a convenient place for future uses.

Mixed with straw (litter for my chicken coop), dry chicken droppings are quite light to carry out.
Ash pan
Ash pan of the wood stove and chicken manure stack
How to Compost Wood Ash
Treatment for chicken manure
Adding ash to chicken manure :
Hen manure is considered one of the richest for the garden.

Chickens can easily be kept in cold winters. It's enough to know the needs of the hens to ensure their survival.

Raising chickens at all times, therefore, allows you to produce manure for your garden all year round!
Wood ash in manure
Wood ash over heap of chicken manure
Way to Reduce Acidity Level
Chicken manure for composting
Adding ash to chicken manure :
After removing your ash pan from the fireplace, carry it close to your outdoor pile of chicken manure.

For safety purposes and to avoid fires, always wait until there are no more hot ashes in the metal container before carrying it!

The piled up manure from the chicken coop is ready to receive its dose of ash.
Chicken manure 
Spread the ashes well on the pile of chicken manure
Uses for Wood Ash in The Garden
Applying it to compost or manure heaps
Adding ash to chicken manure :
Gently empty the contents of the ashtray onto the chicken manure to cover the pile.
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