How to Build a Large Capacity Bird Feeder

Build the structure of the bird seed container

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Building instructions
  1: Assemble the tray and build the side walls
  2: Inside Framework of the bird feeder
  3: Insert plexiglass in kerfs and build the roof
  4: Mount your large bird feeder on two 4x4 poles
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Build a bird feeder
Framework idea for a large bird seed container
Large Outdoor Bird Feeder
Attract wild birds with bird feeders
Build the hopper frame of the birdfeeder :
In order to properly support the heavy roof of the feeder, a roof truss will also be added in the center of the base.

In winter, a layer of snow can accumulate on the top of the hopper birdfeeder!
Birdseed for Outdoor Feeders - Bird Feeder Plan
This large homemade bird feeder has hinges on the roof to make adding bird food easy
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Homemade wooden bird feeder plans
Build the hopper frame of the birdfeeder :
Black sunflower seeds feed a several species of birds during the winter in Quebec.

The central frame section of the feeder structure is not closed, seeds can flow into all space in hopper.

We could also have closed the central frame structure with few planks to be able to add another type of bird seeds in both section of the container.
Bird feeder - Plexiglass
Plexiglass on the both sides
Add Plexiglass to Bird Feeder
Free Bird Feeder Plan
Build the hopper frame of the birdfeeder :
Plexiglass sheets on the sides so you can see when more bird food needs to be added.

On one side of the wooden bird feeder, where the roof section opens (hinges), the structural wood pieces have a kerfs in their center. It's for inserting plexiglass sheets.

Consider the thickness of your plexiglass when cutting it using a table saw.
Bird feeder plans
Bird feeder DIY
Large Hopper Bird Feeder
Holds up 25 kg of birdseed
Build the hopper frame of the birdfeeder :
A break in the frame of the bird feeder!

To avoid splitting the wood, it's recommended to drill the pieces of wood with a drill before inserting the screws.
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