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Attach Birdfeeder on top of Posts - DIY

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Building instructions
  1: Assemble the tray and build the side walls
  2: Inside Framework of the bird feeder
  3: Insert plexiglass in kerfs and build the roof
  4: Mount your large bird feeder on two 4x4 poles
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How to make a bird feeder
Wooden bird feeder ready to be mounted
Pole Mounted Bird Feeder
Hang or mount a large wooden bird feeder
How to mount a large capacity bird feeder :
Large bird feeder built in the workshop with recycled wood.

After having built it, the feeder can be dyed to improve its durability against bad weather.
Pole mounted bird feeder
Hang or mount your bird feeder
Bird Feeding Station
Accommodates small and large birds
How to mount a large capacity bird feeder :
Install or set up two 4x4 posts and erect a large capacity pole mounted bird feeder.

Both posts are anchored to the ground with metal spikes for backyard wood fence.

It's recommended to take into account the snow level that will fall in winter as well as the viewing area for watching birds on the feeder (windows in the house) to determine the height of the feeder supports.
Large capacity pole mounted bird feeder 
Idea for attaching a large bird feeder to stand
Tips for Attaching a Large Bird Feeder to Posts
Hopper feeder mounted on posts
How to mount a large capacity bird feeder :
To ensure stability and solidity, metal brackets are attached to the posts (supports) and to the base of the heavy bird feeder.

A black-capped chickadee takes a break after a feast at the large hopper bird feeder!
Bird Feeder
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Mounted Large Bird Feeder on Posts - Building Steps
DIY Wooden Bird Feeder
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