Homemade Bird Feeder with Large Hopper

Hopper Bird Feeder Design Idea Plan

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Building instructions
  1: Assemble the tray and build the side walls
  2: Inside Framework of the bird feeder
  3: Insert plexiglass in kerfs and build the roof
  4: Mount your large bird feeder on two 4x4 poles
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How to build bird feeders
Inserting plexiglass in both gaps
DIY Hopper Bird Feeder
Features with this large capacity birdfeeder
Install plexi-glass and build a solid roof :
Using plexiglass panels, although optional, allows to see the level of seeds inside the bird feeder tank and so add more as needed.
Bird feeder plans - DIY Bird feeder
Space under the plexiglass piece
How to Install Plexiglass
See how much bird seed is in the hopper
Install plexi-glass and build a solid roof :
1/2 inch slot at the bottom of the plexiglass panels allows seeds to pass for feeding wild birds.

Note: Plexiglas is a rather expensive material. It's possible to get it at a lower cost in the remnants from hardware stores.
DIY wooden bird feeder
Cut and install the wooden roof
Wooden Bird Feeder
Step-By-Step Instructions & Photos
Install plexi-glass and build a solid roof :
A board is securely attached to the top of the roof frame. On this board will be fixed hinges which will allow the roof to open.

For filling, only one side of the feeder roof needs to be opened.
Bird feeder diy
Open the roof and fill in the hopper with birdseed mix
Bird Feeder from Scratch
How to reuse wood in your backyard projects
Install plexi-glass and build a solid roof :
For filling, only one side of the feeder roof needs to be opened.

Roof opening when filling with bags of bird seed.

You can install suet cages on the side of your large wooden bird feeder.
Homemade bird feeder
Add hinges on the roof to make adding bird food easy
Bird Fedder with Solid Roof
Wooden brid feeder plan
Install plexi-glass and build a solid roof :
The top plank of the roof is still solid when opened.

Don't hesitate to install large hinges for weight distribution and strength.

Two pieces of wood are screwed below the roof cover. They will ensure the stability of the top of the structure. Once the roof section is closed, these pieces of wood will rest against the sides of the pieces of the interior structure.
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