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Small mobile chicken coop building guide

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Building instructions
  1: Chicken Tractor Frame Idea
  2: Fasten Poultry netting to mobile hen coop
  3: Strengthen and stain the frame
  4: Chicken Tractor Sliding Door
  5: Install the mobile hen house wheels
  6: Hens in the chicken tractor
Chicken Coop Ideas
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Chicken Tractor - Mobile Chicken Coops - Chicken tractors as a permaculture tool
Chicken tractors as a permaculture tool

How to build Chicken Tractor

With old car shelter frame
Farming ideas using chicken tractors:
Move the mobile chicken coop at the door of the chicken coop aviary.

  Open the chicken tractor sliding door.
Mobile Chicken Coops - Build Chicken Tractor - Mowing your lawn with a chicken tractor
A chicken tractor is a small, movable chicken house without a floor
Making a Mobile Chicken Coop
Chicken Ark on Wheels
Farming ideas using chicken tractors:
Hens enter into the mobile chicken coop.

  Now, we can move the chicken tractor at desired locations in your garden.
Backyard flock in Chicken Tractor - The chicken tractor lawn mower - Buying Chicken tractor
The chicken tractor lawn mower
Backyard Chicken Tractor
Making mobile hen houses
Farming ideas using chicken tractors:
Chickens swallow insects, plow the ground with their claws and weed the area.

A true eco-friendly living tractor for your garden!
DIY Chicken Tractor - Making Mobile chicken coop
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