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Portable chicken coops on wheels

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Building instructions
  1: Chicken Tractor Frame Idea
  2: Fasten Poultry netting to mobile hen coop
  3: Strengthen and stain the frame
  4: Chicken Tractor Sliding Door
  5: Install the mobile hen house wheels
  6: Hens in the chicken tractor
Chicken Coop Ideas
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How to build a Chicken Tractor

Movable chicken coop idea
Strengthening and staining chicken tractor frame:
After installing the chicken wire on the structure, add another plank like the first.

  The aim is to trap the poultry netting between the two boards of chicken tractor structure.
Linseed oil to maintain Chicken Tractor Frame - Handcrafted Mobile hen coop
Staining Chicken tractor frame
Maintain Chicken Coop Frame
Staining Chicken Tractor
Strengthening and staining chicken tractor frame:
Stain the wood pieces with linseed oil.
Chicken tractor building instructions pictures guide
Detailed chicken coop plans for an attractive mobile chicken coop
Small Backyard Chicken Tractor
Wooden chicken ark
Strengthening and staining chicken tractor frame:
To be faster, stain the boards before installation on the portable chicken coop.
Mobile chicken coop for sale - DIY Chicken Tractors
Mobile Chicken house construction
Handcrafted Chicken Tractor
Mobile hen coop frame design
Strengthening and staining chicken tractor frame:
Insert bolts in the board, add a washer and tighten all with the wing nut.
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