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Chicken Tractors - How to Build Mobile Chicken Coop

Using a recycled car shelter frame for Chicken tractor frame

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Building instructions
  1: Chicken Tractor Frame Idea
  2: Fasten Poultry netting to mobile hen coop
  3: Strengthen and stain the frame
  4: Chicken Tractor Sliding Door
  5: Install the mobile hen house wheels
  6: Hens in the chicken tractor
Chicken Coop Ideas
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Building a mobile chicken coop

You have hens in your chicken coop and you are looking for way to raise them on backyard?

Hens can feed on fresh grass as a lawn mover and even act as biological control means. Chickens eating insects in the garden!

Searching detailed information on chicken tractor or chicken ark plans and designs? A portable chicken coop on wheels is the solution! It's a permaculture tool!

A chicken tractor is a movable chicken house without a floor.

See this small mobile chicken coop building guide.

Chickens will work for you!
How to build chicken tractors - DIY Chicken tractors or mobile chicken coops
Chicken tractor
Chicken tractor on wheels design idea
Turn old car shelter frame into a Chicken Tractor - Farming chicken tractor 
Old Car shelter frame for chicken tractor frame
Build a Chicken Tractor
With recycled car shelter frame
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Two recycled tempo car shelter frame parts needed for your chicken tractor project.
Chicken tractor frame idea - Recycled car shelter frame for un Chicken Coop 
How to build a Chicken Tractor
Building a mobile chicken coop
Chicken tractor plans and designs
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Turn old tempo car shelter frame into a chicken tractor!
Galvanized steel Chicken Tractor frame - Framing a mobile chicken coop 
Galvanized steel frame idea for Mobile chicken coop
Making a Chicken Tractor
Chicken Ark on wheels idea
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:

A light mobile chicken coop is easier to move.

This is an important factor to know before building yours.

You can drill steel structure according to your needs.
Chicken Tractor Plans - Making a Chicken tractor - Build potable chicken coops 
Chicken tractors and Mobile chicken coop designs
Portable chicken coop
Handcrafted Chicken tractor
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Cut small boards for framing the chicken tractor roof.

Board size: 1 inch X 3 inches.

This recycled boards come from a old snow fence.
How-to Chicken Tractor - DIY Movable chicken coop on wheels 
Building a mobile chicken coop
Making Mobile Hen House
DIY Backyard chicken tractor
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Cut the boards.

The required width is cut according to the width of your portable chicken coop.

In this guide the chicken tractor width is 24 inches. (thickness of both galvanised steel car shelter frame included).
Wooden Frame Mobile Chicken coop idea - Building a mobile Chicken coop 
A frame chicken tractor
DIY Chicken Tractor
Let the chickens work for you
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Several boards are needed to give some structural strength to the mobile hen house frame.

The chicken wire will be fasten over this part of the structure.
How to make a cheap chicken tractor from recycled materials - Designing chicken tractor 
How to build mobile hen house / Chicken coop
Building a Chicken Tractor
Movable chicken coop idea
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Base parts of the mobile coop frame.

1 inch x 3 inches planks.

Consider the lenght of your chicken tractor before to buy this frame parts.

This portable chicken coop measures 9 feet.

You must buying 10 feet in long boards.

Chicken Trators - Permaculture projects - Raise chicken on pasture 
Backyard Chicken tractor framing idea
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea
Build a hen coop on wheels
Chicken Tractor Frame Idea:
Mark the boards before drilling them.
Chicken tractor building tutorial - How to build a moble hen house / Chicken coop 
Designing a chicken tractor frame
Designing a mobile chicken coop
Chicken tractor construction
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Use a drill and wood drill bit corresponding to the size of the bolts that will use for the steel frame holes of the chicken coop.
How to build a chicken coop with wheels - Chicken tractor plans and designs 
Making a mobile chicken coop
Customizing a mobile chicken coop frame
Recycled Galvanized steel frame
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
After drilled the first plank, use it as a template for other ones.
Chicken tractor metal hardware - Building a mobile chicken coop - A frame chicken tractor - Buy or build a mobile chicken coop 
Chicken coop building material
How to build a Chicken coop
Chicken Ark on wheels
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
To attach the boards to the both galvanized steel arches of the chicken coop, you will need:

  - 1/4-20 Bolts
  - 1/4 Washers
  - 1/4 Wing nutshere are several kind
Chicken Tractors - Making a chicken tractor - Conceptualizing a chicken tractor frame 
Portable chicken coop design
A frame Chicken Coop
Buy or build your mobile chicken coop
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Enter the bolts from underneath steel arches.

Pierce them if necessary for adding your drilled boards.
How to make a chicken tractor frame with a old car shelter frame 
Movable chicken coop lacking a floor
Raising Chickens
Hobby farm Projects
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Setting up the boards at various locations on the structures to give strength to the mobile chicken coop.

 Have in mind that you will install a door to a chicken tractor.

Hens getting in and out by this door.
How to build portable chicken coops on wheels - Building Chicken tractor 
How to frame a cheap chicken tractor
Framing Chicken Tractor
Chicken tractors plans
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Materials come from recycled materials.

This is an eco-friendly project!
Mobile chicken coop assembling instructions. Chicken tractors ideas. 
Assembling the frame pieces with wing nuts and bolts
Build Mobile Hen House
Cheap Chicken Tractor Idea
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Wing nut on the top of the bolt pending the poultry netting fastening and the second layer planks securing.

Chicken wire will between these both planks like a sandwich.
Build chicken coop - Build mobile chicken coop - Build mobile hen house 
Customizing chicken tractor frame according to your needs
How to construct Mobile Coop
Mowing your lawn with a chicken tractor
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Drilling some holes in the steel frame if you want add more boards.

Drill using a much bigger metal drill bit that your bolt size.
Making Chicken Tractors - Making Mobile chicken coop - Mobile chicken coops 
Building a Chicken tractor
Making your Chicken Tractor
How-to Instructions
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Install the 10 feet planks at the base of the movable chicken coop.

Allow a minimum space under the base so that the chickens can not escape.
Building a mobile chicken coop - Eco-friendly Chicken Tractor Idea 
Framing Idea for a mobile chicken coop
Tempo Chicken Tractor
Idea for eco-friendly Mobile Hen Coop
Mobile Chicken Coop Frame Idea:
Install diagonal boards in the chicken tractor structure to solidify the frame.

  At this step, it is also possible to dye the wooden structure with linseed oil.
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