How to Build a Stone Walkway

Prepare the walkway base or foundation

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Building instructions
  1: Required materials and tools
  2: Prepare the walkway base
  3: Lay the stones
  4: Fill joints between stones
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Prepare the walkway base - Stone path
Spead a 3 inches of stone dust or gravel

Stone Walkway Idea

Walkway stones
Prepare the stone path base :
All garden tools needed to make a well leveled path base. Rake, round spade, level and a piece of 2" x 4" lumber.
Garden stepping stones - Build stone paths
Stone path base
How to Pave a Path
Garden landscaping design
Prepare the stone path base :
Choose a color of stone dust that will match the color of the stones.
Leveling stone path base - Paver stone walkway
Level stone path tips
Stone and Gravel Pathway
Stone paths ideas
Prepare the stone path base :
Level the stone path base bed using a plank and a carpenter's level.

Compact the gravel after raking the surface smooth.
Stone path base or foundation
Prepare flagstone bed
Path with Stone Dust and Stones
Use a gravel base
Prepare the stone path base :
Now you can start laying stones.
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