Laying Down a Stone Path

Fill joints between stones

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Building instructions
  1: Required materials and tools
  2: Prepare the walkway base
  3: Lay the stones
  4: Fill joints between stones
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Stone path ideas
Ready for filling joints between stones

How to Build a Stone Path

Flat stone path idea
Fill joints between stones :
Once the stones are in right place, it's time for filling joints between them.
Stone path - Easy steps
How to fill in stone path
How to Install a Stone Walkway
What to put between flagstone
Fill joints between stones :
Lay stone dust over the stones.
Fill joints between stones - Build stone path
Use a large broom
Filling Gaps Between Stones
DIY Stone path
Fill joints between stones :
Use a large broom for fillings gaps.

For aesthetic, choose a stone dust color that fit with your stones.
Stone path design - Walkway ideas
Stone dust in stone path
How to build a Stone Walkway
4 easy steps for building a garden path
Fill joints between stones :
Sweep diagonally with your broom to forcing stone dust into the joints.

For this step, you can use a polymeric sand too!
Stone pathway ideas - How to build a stone path
Simple path with recycled tombstone residues
Path Made From Tombstones
Idea for a low cost garden path
Fill joints between stones :
A nice garden path made from tombstone residues and log as edges.

Idea for a cheap stone path, ecological and easy to make!
How to Build a Stone Path
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