How to Install a Stone Walkway

Laying the stones

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Building instructions
  1: Required materials and tools
  2: Prepare the walkway base
  3: Lay the stones
  4: Fill joints between stones
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Lay the stone - How to install a stone walkway
Base for flat stones
DIY Stone Path
How to lay the flagstones
Lay the stones :
Once path base is done, lay the first stone. Twist each stone into the sand.
Flagstone walkway
Building a stone walkway - Laying a stone walkway
Slate and Flagstone Paths
Assemble all stones on the path base
Lay the stones :
Laying the stone like a jigsaw puzzle. Start laying stone against log borders.

Loosely assemble all stones on the path base.
How to build a path stone
Set and shape stones
How to make a Stone Walkway
Garden path stones
Lay the stones :
Leave a 1 inch gap between stones.
Building a stone walkway - Lay the stones
Laying down stones
Building a Stepping Stone Walkway
Lay the stones
Lay the stones :
To ensure the level, if necessary, add stone dust under the flat stones.
How to build a flagstone walkway
Fitting flat stones close together like jigsaw puzzle pieces
Garden Pathway
Stone path ideas
Lay the stones :
Cut too large flat stones with a chisel before to lay them into the free spaces. 
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