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Rustic Edging idea - Preparing the trench

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Steps For Installing Horizontal Wooden log Edging
Do you want to create edges for your flower beds or garden pathways?

There are several types of garden edging available on the market, but if you want to give a rustic look to your landscaping, wooden log edging installed horizontally will meet your needs.

This guide presents the installation steps for wooden log garden borders around flower beds and to define pathways.

Enjoy reading!
Horizontal garden borders 
Horizontal Log Edging
Edging with logs
The following article presents commented photos to help you to identify your edging needs according to your garden project (step 1 before installing wooden edging). There are various ways of edging a flowerbed garden bed or pathway. Here, we present one type: horizontal wooden log edging.
Garden edging
Digging a trench to prepare base for logs
Wooden Log Edging
Determining the overall shape of the flowerbed
Digging a trench to delimit contour :
Whatever type of edging you choose, you'll need to dig a trench to define your flowerbed. A round shovel is used to do the job. Remove turf and soil. I suggest digging to a depth of at least 8 inches or 20 cm. The goal is to create an edge at a 90-degree angle.

If you wish, you don't need to add a border. In fact, with a trench like this, which you maintain once a year, you can keep the grass from invading your flowerbed. Go for what's practical and aesthetically pleasing!

Of course, I strongly don't recommend using the black plastic edging sold in hardware stores or garden centers. They tend to move with seasonal freezing and thawing. Go for a durable solution!

For a country or rustic look, I suggest using horizontal logs.

Some people use vertically aligned logs. This type of edging have the disadvantage of allowing weeds to grow between them, as stringing them side by side creates multiple gaps between them.
logs edging idea
Outline of a curved garden bed
Determining the overall shape
The outline of a flowerbed
Digging a trench to delimit contour :
Once the trench is dug, it can stay like that or edging with a type of garden edge.

For this project, wooden logs with a minimum diameter of 10 inches or will be aligned to form a wooden flower bed border.
edging garden beds
Garden bed ready for rustic edging
Whit or without Edge?
Log borders a natural way for edging
Digging a trench to delimit contour :
This photo shows the look of a flowerbed whose edges are defined by a simple trench.

Although satisfactory, I decided to install a wooden border around all my flowerbeds and paths.

Rustic landscaping look come true!
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