The Benefits of Wooden Log Garden Edging

How to use logs as garden borders

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Landscaping instructions
  1: Bed edging idea & Delimit the outline
  2: Tools and list of materials
  3: Tip for transporting logs easily
  4: Set logs in place
  5: Benefits of wooden log garden edging
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In the following article, you'll find commented photos of the outcome in the garden of edging flowerbeds using logs (step 5 of the wooden garden edging tutorial). You'll be able to see whether this garden edging option can fit to your needs.
The Benefits of Wooden Log Garden Edging
Frontyard garden landscaping
Cheapest way to do a edging
Surprisingly awesome garden bed edging ideas
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
You can let your creativity run free when creating new garden beds.

The use of wooden logs is a wise choice.

Plastic borders easily pull out of the ground, are unstable and tear.

As for stone edging, once lined up, it has the disadvantage of allowing weeds to grow inside the beds, as the edging has several gaps between them.
Edge beds like a pro using only logs
Turn your Frontyard into a Garden
Frontyard garden landscaping
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
For eco-friendly gardening, the use of wooden edges is a matter of course.

When designing a frontyard garden, wood material gives a natural look to the whole project.
Mulching garden beds
Get ready to put down mulch on the bed
Edging Ideas for Easy Mowing
Mow over lawn edging
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
The use of long wooden borders between a plant bed and the lawn prevents the lawn from invading your flowerbed.

This type of edging is durable and stays in place.
Mulching Flower Beds
Mulch right up to the edge
Edging before to add Mulch
Mulching flower beds
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
What better way to edge a garden greenhouse than with beds where you can plant a variety of plants, such as strawberry plants, for example.

This log edging keeps the stone dust of this garden path in place, right next to a greenhouse.
Stone edging for gardens
One side of the path edged with stones
Stone edging
Stone edging for gardens
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
The match between stone and wood is beautiful!

In landscaping, it's also a good idea to choose colors that match the stone elements in your garden. Here, gray garden dust and gray edging stones.
Garden Bed borders
Put a border between a garden bed and a garden path
Landscaping around a Greenhouse
Path and bed edging
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
When creating your flowerbeds, you should also consider planning the installation of your garden paths.

Meandering paths add depth to a smaller garden.
Planting Bed Against a House
Flower bed around a house
How to Build a Planting Bed Against a House
Beds next to a wrap around deck
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
During the implementation of this project, I put a landscape fabric under the edge. It turned out to be useless. So I removed it.

The hanging planters and flower boxes are a reminder of the use of wood in this country decor.
Horizontal Log border edging
Rustic look using logs for edging beds
Flowerbed Bed Nexte to The House
Horizontal log border edging
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
The edge of the flowerbed is made of wooden logs cut at angles to follow the curves of the layout.

In the center, my Manneken Pis urinates continuously in a small basin.
Garden Edging Ideas
Lawn edging ideas
Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas
Attractive flowerbed border
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
Although wooden edging can have a coarse appearance, everything goes with the layout or style of the garden, its elements and its location.

In the corner of the flowerbed, perennial bloomed this spring.
Flower bed edging
Logs used to landscape a garden bed
Create a landscape planting bed
Flowerbed and log edging
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
Gorgeous pink Astilbe perennials!

Over the years, I've added soil to the flowerbed on the side of the logs.
Wooden edge for your beds and borders
Wooden edge
Wooden edge for your beds and borders
Edging raised bed
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
A large bed surrounded by a edge of red spruce logs.

All that remains is to plant various plants and add stone dust to the paths.
Garden edging 
Garden log edging - Beds and paths
How to install horizontal log edging
Installing edging around your garden beds
Rustic landscape edging for your yard :
A magnificent view of my frontyard garden in the countryside!

Hundreds of cultivars can be planted in these new beds surrounded by a log edge.
Logs garden beds edging
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