How to Install Horizontal Log Edging

Instructions for installing horizontal wood edging

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Landscaping instructions
  1: Bed edging idea & Delimit the outline
  2: Tools and list of materials
  3: Tip for transporting logs easily
  4: Set logs in place
  5: Benefits of wooden log garden edging
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In the following article, you'll find commented photos about tips and tricks for strategically installing logs and creating a wooden garden edging (step 4 in creating a wooden garden edging). Whether it's to outline a flowerbed or define garden paths, using logs is an option to consider.
Garden border ideas
Tips for setting logs in place
Using Logs for Garden Edging
Perfect edges for your beds and borders
How to install logs for making borders :
Once transported to their assembly site, the logs are ready to be measured and cut.

As seen in the previous step, heavy logs can be handled using a variety of methods.

Don't forget to wear gloves to avoid splinters.

In the project shown here, the log edging will delimit flowerbeds and garden paths or walkways.
Garden pathway
Both logs under the big one for transporting it
How to Fit Log Edging
Tips for installing log edging
How to install logs for making borders :
Both ends of the log are cut at the same angle as the left and right logs.

In this particular case, the left end of the log will be cut at 20 degrees, and the other end will not need cutting, as a right angle (90 degrees) is required for this bed.
Garden edging
Edging beds next to the entrance of a garden bridge
How to Install Horizontal Log Edging
Edges for garden paths
How to install logs for making borders :
Here, at the entrance to my garden bridge, I had to edge my flowerbed in addition to containing the stone dust from the garden path.

Choosing the diameter of a log always depends on the need at a specific location.
Wlakway landscaping
Edging walkway and flowerbeds at once
Install Path Edging
Assemble end to end the pieces of wooden log
How to install logs for making borders :
A landscape fabric was laid on the ground. After a few years in place, I advise you that's isn't a good idea to use it. It wasn't necessary.

On the right, two logs aligned to delimit the flowerbed and garden path edging the vegetable garden.
Wooden Garden Edging Ideas
Wooden garden edging
How do you use logs for edging
Landscaping around a garden bridge
How to install logs for making borders :
Front view of the entrances to the garden bridge overlooking my 250-foot long garden stream. This stream is the natural filter for my garden pond.

A log edging keeps stone dust out of this perennial garden bed.
Blue country house
Rustic landscaping ideas
Preparing the ground
Foundation of log edges
How to install logs for making borders :
A round shovel is used to prepare the trenches in which the logs will be installed.

Stone dust is either dug out or added under the log so that it is at the same height as the other logs forming the border.
How to install edging logs
Challenge to edging curved garden beds using logs
Customizing Beds
Curved edge design
How to install logs for making borders :
This log is cut on site to finish off the curved edge of the flowerbed.

Curved flowerbeds require that logs must be cut at much steeper angles.
How to cut logs for curved log edging
Put 4x4 piece of wood under log before cut it to the angle required
How to edge curved beds
Installation height
How to install logs for making borders :
You can either bury the logs flush with the lawn for easier mowing (the mower wheels run over the edging), or let the logs emerge from the ground.

The key to preventing the grass from penetrating the flowerbed is to bury the edging a minimum of 8 inches into the ground.
Wood edging 
Assemble end to end the pieces of wooden log
How do you install log edging?
DIY instructions
How to install logs for making borders :
This curved garden bed is edged with logs cut at angles with a chainsaw.

The flowerbed or garden bed is covered with wood chips mulch or ramial chipped wood (RCW) or organic mulch.
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