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Perfect edges for your beds and border - Tools and list of materials

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Landscaping instructions
  1: Bed edging idea & Delimit the outline
  2: Tools and list of materials
  3: Tip for transporting logs easily
  4: Set logs in place
  5: Benefits of wooden log garden edging
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The following article presents commented photos of the tools and equipment needed to create your flowerbed border (step 2 in the installation of a log flowerbed border). Red spruce logs will be used, and the task will require the use of a chainsaw, wheelbarrow and round shovel.
Rustic garden border
Rustic garden border using logs
Edging using logs
What is the best material for garden edging?
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
Before delivering your logs, take the time to define your needs. Measure the approximate length of your beds and place your order with a forest lot owner or farmer.

Don't hesitate to order more rather than less; there's usually always a project in the garden to use wood! Even so, you can always use surplus of wood as firewood.

Cut-to-length suppliers deliver 8-, 12- or 16-foot logs.

Before delivery, choose the best place for the unload.
Cedar logs
Select wood types for edging - Cedar logs
Cheap way for edging
Type of wood for log edging
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
Depending on your financial means and availability, choose the type of wood you want. In the foreground, a cedar log. This is much more expensive than the red spruce logs behind.

I suggest you use the same species for all your edging projects around your property. For this project, the rustic look of the decor was taken into account.
Red spruce
Choose the right type of wood for edging - Red spruce
Select your logs
The right size of your logs
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
A delivery of red spruce logs.

Logs larger than 8 inches or 20 cm in diameter will be used to assemble my flowerbed edges.
Creating the flowerbed contour
Creating a natural edging look for a garden - Tools and materials
What do you need to do the job
Inspiration for garden border
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
A wheelbarrow will be very useful for transporting the logs once they have been cut to the desired dimensions.

Use a measuring tape to mark the cutting line on the logs. Chalk can be used to make the mark.

A gas-powered chainsaw with a 16" (41 cm) guide bar and good engine power is essential for fast clean cuts.
Landscaping with logs
Delivery of red spruce logs
Removing bark on logs?
Edge beds like a pro using only logs
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
After measuring the various contours of the garden beds to be edged, we select the most appropriate logs for doing the job.

You can choose whether or not to remove the bark from your logs.
Contour of flowerbeds
Tips for cutting large logs using a chainsaw
How do you use logs for edging
Cutting to assemble end to end the pieces
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
When cutting logs, install a wooden plank or 4×4 (10 cm x 10 cm) under the log. This will make the job easier, as well as protecting and extending the life of your chainsaw chain.

Don't forget to wear your safety glasses!
Chainsaw for cutting the landscape logs
Powerful Chainsaw
Cut the logs to the desired length
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
We recommend using a gas-powered chainsaw for fast, efficient work.

We're looking for clean cuts in good-sized logs. A good chainsaw will stand out especially when you have to cut logs that, once assembled, will form angles.
Crusher dust path
Crusher dust to fill path area and hold borders in place
Stone Dust Path & Garden Beds
What can I use for garden bed edging?
Logs for edging - Tools and list of material :
Although not essential, stone dust can be used to level a log on the ground.

A delivery of stone dust in large quantities can also be used for your garden paths or walkways.
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