How to Build a Treehouse without a Tree

Options for supporting a treeless treehouse

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Building instructions
  1: Options for building without using trees
  2: Build the floor of the treehouse
  3: Build the house
  4: Platform, access hatch, ladders and railings
  5: Lookout deck
  6: Decorating and interior design
  7: Picking a location in your garden
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Build a Treehouse on pole - DIY Instructions
In 2015, I visited the backyard of my friend Serge Tremblay. On the side of his garden, he built a treeless treehouse on a telephone post.

He choose a nice spot for watching the river right beside.

Made from wood, this treehouse is used by few kids like a playhouse. They can sleep comfortably in it as they want!

Realize one of your dream... check out this treehouse design idea!
Construire une cabane dans une arbre
Treehouse on Telephone Pole Design Idea
Treehouse - Building a treehouse
Round Telephone poles are a sturdy option for building your treehouse
Supporting a Treeless Treehouse
Building tree house
Treated wood posts, telephone pole or metal support :
There are several ways to support your treehouse. One of them is to get a round telephone pole (used or repurposed), put in on the ground and begin to attach the firsts joists of the treehouse platform to the pole.

Before to install your pole in place, keep in mind to choose a right spot in your backyard for your treehouse.
Treeless treehouse
Put the pole in 6' deep the ground
Setting Telephone Pole
Put the pole in the ground
Treated wood posts, telephone pole or metal support :
In this  DIY tutorial, builder used a telephone pole for supporting is treehouse but you can use 4 treated wood posts too.

Putting up knee braces for supporting the platform (floor) of the treeless teehouse.  Treehouse can be strong and withstand a lot of load with this type of brace!
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