Treehouse in your Garden - Picking a Location

How to choose the right spot in your backyard

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Building instructions
  1: Options for building without using trees
  2: Build the floor of the treehouse
  3: Build the house
  4: Platform, access hatch, ladders and railings
  5: Lookout deck
  6: Decorating and interior design
  7: Picking a location in your garden
Garden Structure Ideas
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Treehouse and fireplace in garden
Choosing the Right Spot
Landscaping design
Choose where to build a treehouse in your backyard :
The treehouse without tree is located on the banks of the salmon river. You can watch the river from its balcony and see the garden overview from one of its three windows.
Building tree house
Greenhouse, tree house, rail fence and garden pathway
Treeless Treehouse Idea
How to build a treehouse without tree
Choose where to build a treehouse in your backyard :
After deciding to build a treeless treehouse, picking your location is one of the most important decisions in the planning process.

Several buildings and outdoor structures surround the treehouse in this garden designed by Serge Tremblay, a citizen from Saguenay city.
Treehouses for kids
Treehouse located near to the river side
Treehouse Building Istructions
Wood working plans
Choose where to build a treehouse in your backyard :
The handyman's talent of the gardener is crystal clear at «Jardin l'Autre Monde»: Garden greenhouse, split rail fence, wood shed, fire place, arboretum, outdoor bath and shower, chicken coop and summer lounge in the garden.

To visit his garden : Jardin L'Autre Monde
Building a treehouse 
Garden design in fall season
DIY Treehouse
Building a treehouse without using trees
Choose where to build a treehouse in your backyard :
The tree house or treeless treehouse on a pole goes very weel with the landscaping of the garden.

Its strategic location gives it the advantage of having a view of the river and the garden.

In addition, children can have fun there in peace.
Treeless treehouse
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