Building a Treehouse

How to build the floor of the treehouse

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Building instructions
  1: Options for building without using trees
  2: Build the floor of the treehouse
  3: Build the house
  4: Platform, access hatch, ladders and railings
  5: Lookout deck
  6: Decorating and interior design
  7: Picking a location in your garden
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Building a treehouse
Framing the floor of the tree house
Build the deck and floor
DIY Treehouse Ideas and Building Tips
Build the floor of the treehouse and add supports :
Construction of the platform on which the cabin or house will be erected.

Floor joists and rim joists with decking.

Lay decking board onto the platform. This will serve as the floor of your treehouse without a tree.

The use of treated wood will ensure the durability of this outdoor structure which will be greatly affected by the weather.
How to build a treehouse
Laying the deck or floor of the tree house
Put the Flooring down
Supports and main platform
Build the floor of the treehouse and add supports :
Mount the main supports and build the main platform.

Scaffolding makes it possible to work better considering the height of the treeless treehouse.

Consider adding a deck to your tree house when constructing the wooden platform.
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