DIY Treehouse for Kids - Easy steps

Platform, entranceway, access hatch, ladders and railings

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Building instructions
  1: Options for building without using trees
  2: Build the floor of the treehouse
  3: Build the house
  4: Platform, access hatch, ladders and railings
  5: Lookout deck
  6: Decorating and interior design
  7: Picking a location in your garden
Garden Structure Ideas
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Treehouse for kid
Ladders for climbing to the platform and to the treehouse
How to build a Tree House
Accessing by the floor of the treehouse
Platform, trap door, ladders and railing :
You now need to add a means of access and egress to the treehouse!

To allow access to the tree house, ladders and a lower platform were built. Consider the space between the balusters in case that children have to climb the ladder towards the door trap.

Wires are attached to the braces under the treehouse and fixed to screw piles on the ground, to ensure the stability of the structure during high winds.
Treehouse access
Opening the access hatch or trap door under the treehouse
Way for accessing to a Treehouse
How to design a treehouse
Platform, access hatch, ladders and railing :
Rudimentary railings were installed. The owner of the treehouse will make few modifications to the railings to make them more solid and safety (treated wood railings).

To give a rustic design to the treehouse, a finishing in cedar shingles was considered.
Build Treehouse
My both firends on the first platform of the treenhouse
Main Plateform and First Level
Telephone pole treehouse
Platform, trap door, ladders and railing :
The owner, Serge Tremblay (on your right), organizes an annual visit to his garden and presents to visitors all his outdoor structure projects and his arboretum.

To visit his garden : Jardin L'Autre Monde
Treeless treehouse
New railings from treated wood posts
Treehouse railing ideas
Safe treehouse building practices
Platform, access hatch, ladders and railing :
Ensure treehouse is safe and accessible!

Installation of solid and safety 4 x 4 treated wood guardrails.

Under the lower landing, a storage space was built.
Treehouse ideas
Two ladders for reaching the top level of the treehouse
How to Build a Safe Tree House
Ensure treehouse is safe and accessible
Platform, trap door, ladders and railing :
Access to the treeless treehouse is now safer. In addition, treehouse is securely attached to the ground to face the strong winds.
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