Build a Tree House - Lookout Deck Idea

Plan to enlarge the treehouse platform for adding a deck

DIY tree deck - Backyard observation deck -  Treehouse deck plans - Wrap around deck
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Building instructions
  1: Options for building without using trees
  2: Build the floor of the treehouse
  3: Build the house
  4: Platform, access hatch, ladders and railings
  5: Lookout deck
  6: Decorating and interior design
  7: Picking a location in your garden
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Treehouse deck
Small deck in front of the treehouse
Lookout Deck for a Treehouse
Treehouse building steps
Treehouse balcony idea :
During the construction of the platform, we thought to leave the joists protruding for buiding a lookout deck.
Treehouse platform
Rustic clapboard look
How to Construct a Treehouse
Elements to include in a treehouse
Treehouse balcony idea :
The occupants of the treehouse who will come out on the balcony will have the chance to contemplate the Rivière à Mars (river). It's a salmon river located in Saguenay city in the district of La Baie province of Quebec.
Treehouse living
4 Large joists for framing the deck  of the treehouse
Treehouse Bracing Idear
Knee brace for treehouse
Treehouse balcony idea :
Safe treehouse building practices!

The balcony railings must be secure.
Treehouse cabins
My son saying hello on the treehouse deck
Views from the Treehouse
Small deck for a treeless treehouse
Treehouse balcony idea :
The orientation of the treeless treehouse must take into account the best point of view.

The slope of the roof should preferably be directed to the other side of the balcony.

Railing on the balcony will keep little kids safe.
Treehouse plans
View from the treehouse deck
DIY Treehouse
Building tips and ideas
Treehouse balcony idea :
Chairs and a table can be useful on the small balcony of the tree house.
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