Pond Heater and Pond De-Icer - Installing Placing Tips

How to install a pond de-icer

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Making and installing
  1: Pond de-icer - Materials
  2: Making a pond de-icer
  3: Power cable and power supply
  4: Installing the pond de-icer
  5: Starting and operating de-icer
  6: Monitoring during winter
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Floating Pond Deicer
Pond de-icer placement
Overwinter your Pond
De-icer placement
Installing a pond de-icer :
Enter slowly in the pond with the de-icer in your hands. Power cable must be disconnected for sefety!
Installing pond de-icer or pond heater
How to set up a pond de-icer
How to install a de-icer
Pond de-icer idea
Installing a pond de-icer :
Walking down the pond steps one by one. Be carefully to crush aquatic plants.
Pond heaters
Chossing the right place for your de-icer
DIY Pond Deicer
Turn pond pump into a pond de-icer
Installing a pond de-icer :
Move the pond de-icer system to the deepest zone.
Pond pump as a pond de-icer
Submersible pond pump as a pond de-icer
Pond aerator idea
Prevent complete freeze-over of pond
Installing a pond de-icer :
Place the de-icer on a flat surface to the bottom of the pond.
Pond aerator
Create a vented space in the ice
Water Garden Accessories
Pond heaters & Pond de-icer
Installing a pond de-icer :
If necessary, with a foot, remove a the sand or mud at the bottom of the pond to ensure depth and stability for the pond de-icer.
Pond Heater
How to keep a hold open on the surface
Install a Pond de-Icer
Thermo-Pond de-icer
Installing a pond de-icer :
Firmly drive the base of the garden pot (pond pump holder) into the bottom of the pond.
Pond aeration
Tips for fish overwintering in the pond
Pond Maintenance
How to Keep Koi Fish in a Pond During Freezing Weather
Installing a pond de-icer :
Check the water level at the pump outlet.
Pond heater - How ton install a pond de-icer
Pond maintenance tips
How to de-ice a backyard Pond
Pond aeration equipment
Installing a pond de-icer :
If the water level at the top of the pump outlet is not high enough, move the de-icer to a deeper area.
Tips for pond de-icer placement
Tips for pond de-icer placement
Making Installing De-Icer
Helping toxins to escape from under the ice
Installing a pond de-icer :
For a 3500 gal/h pump, plan to get 8 inches of water over the pond outlet.

This is to operating correctly the de-icer and create a perfect de-icing bubble.
Submerged pond de-icer
Homemade pond de-icer
Pond Winter Care
Winter tips for your pond
Installing a pond de-icer :
The de-icer for saving fish in extreme winter conditions is installed.
How to de-ice a koi pond
De-ice your pond
Pond Bubbler for Winter
Freeezing weather
Installing a pond de-icer :
Despite the very cold water, the waders keep us warm during the installation process.
Homemade pond heater idea - How to make and install a pond heater
De-ice your pond in winter
How to keep pond from freezing over
Keep pond fish alive in winter
Installing a pond de-icer :
The pond de-icer is now correctly installed. It's time to exit the pond without sliding.
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