How to De-Ice your Pond - DIY Pond De-Icer Heater Idea

Starting and operating an homemade pond de-icer

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Making and installing
  1: Pond de-icer - Materials
  2: Making a pond de-icer
  3: Power cable and power supply
  4: Installing the pond de-icer
  5: Starting and operating de-icer
  6: Monitoring during winter
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Deicing your pond
De-icer ready for operation
How to make a Pond Deicer
Reuse your submersible pond pump
Starting and operating a pond de-icer :
Before the first winter frost the de-icing system can still be seen at the bottom of the backyard pond.
Pond deicing
A fragile layer of ice
Winterizing your pond
Pond totally froze over
Starting and operating a pond de-icer :
The cold weather has set in which brings an ice cover over the garden pond.
Deice a pond's surface 
Deice a pond's surface
Keeping pond safe for fish
Overwintering your water features
Starting and operating a pond de-icer :
After plug-in the de-icer, it starts operation for all winter season.
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How to make a homemade Pond de-icer - Steps
DIY Pond De-Icer
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