After the Chick Hatched - Raising Chickens for Eggs

How the chick emerges from the shell

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Incubation procedures
  1: Natural Brooding of Chickens
  2: Collecting chicken eggs
  3: Candling eggs before incubation
  4: Egg Incubator Models
  5: Setting Up Incubator: Eggs Position
  6: Setting Up Incubator: Incubation Time
  7: Setting Up Incubator: Moisture Air circulation
  8: Automatic egg turner
  9: Candling Eggs during Incubation
  10: Hatching Chicken Eggs
  11: Post-hatching Care
  12: Causes of Failure to Hatch
  13: Hatching Calendar - Chart
  14: Raising Baby Chicks
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Chicken chicks - Baby chicks in incubator - Automatic incubator - Maintain the incubator temperature
Baby chicks hatching

Caring for baby chicks

What to do with hatched chicken
Post-hatching care for baby chicks:
When the eggs have hatched and the chicks are totally out of their shell, remove the vent caps for drying down.

Leave the chicks in the incubator for 24 hours at a temperature of 95F.

Drying chicks - Tips for Taking Care of Your Newly Hatched Chicks - Circulated air incubator
Tips for Taking Care of Your Newly Hatched Chicks
After the chicks hatched
Caring chicks before setting the brooder
Post-hatching care for baby chicks:
Chicks no need to drink and eat during the first 24 hours.

After this period of acclimatization you can place them in a brooder or in a special corner in the hen house (homemade brooder).
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