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How To Position Eggs In An Incubator

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Incubation procedures
  1: Natural Brooding of Chickens
  2: Collecting chicken eggs
  3: Candling eggs before incubation
  4: Egg Incubator Models
  5: Setting Up Incubator: Eggs Position
  6: Setting Up Incubator: Incubation Time
  7: Setting Up Incubator: Moisture Air circulation
  8: Automatic egg turner
  9: Candling Eggs during Incubation
  10: Hatching Chicken Eggs
  11: Post-hatching Care
  12: Causes of Failure to Hatch
  13: Hatching Calendar - Chart
  14: Raising Baby Chicks
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Using incubator without an automatic egg turner

Preparing the eggs for incubation

How to manually turn the eggs in your incubator
Setting and turning eggs:
Manual egg turning:

For incubator without automatic egg turner, turn the eggs on the grid three times a day. The reason is simple, we must prevent the inside of the egg from sticking to the shell.

First, place the eggs on their side, on the incubator grid (small end pointed slightly down).

Mark with an X (in pencil) on one side of the egg and O on the opposite side. Place eggs to see all X. When rotating all O should appear.

Setting and turning eggs - Egg turner trays - Manuel egg turning - Incubation chicken eggs
Automatically turns the eggs every 4 hours
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Automatic egg turner
Setting and turning eggs:

Positioning eggs for hatching.

In the case of an incubator equipped with an automatic egg turner, insert the pointed end of the egg down in the tray of the egg turner.
Automatic egg turner for egg incubator - Egg turning during incubation - Poultry products - Chicken coop and automatic egg incubator
Automatic egg turner
Chicken Incubator to hatch eggs
Placed egg on egg turner trays
Setting and turning eggs:
Place the eggs which were stored all together (in same time) in the incubator.
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