Chicken Embryo Development - Candling Eggs during Incubation

Day to day chicken egg development

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Incubation procedures
  1: Natural Brooding of Chickens
  2: Collecting chicken eggs
  3: Candling eggs before incubation
  4: Egg Incubator Models
  5: Setting Up Incubator: Eggs Position
  6: Setting Up Incubator: Incubation Time
  7: Setting Up Incubator: Moisture Air circulation
  8: Automatic egg turner
  9: Candling Eggs during Incubation
  10: Hatching Chicken Eggs
  11: Post-hatching Care
  12: Causes of Failure to Hatch
  13: Hatching Calendar - Chart
  14: Raising Baby Chicks
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Candling egg - How to candle an egg - Candling Egg with egg candler
Candling Chicken Egg with egg candler
How to candle an egg
Incubating Chicken Eggs
Stages in chick embryo development:
When you incubate chicken eggs, it is interesting to know what happens inside the egg.

Candling eggs to assess fertility and embryo development. Check out a egg candling chart to know more.

From the fertilized egg to the embryo development and to hatch; observation is required to ensure that the chick healthy born.

Candling eggs with egg candler is necessary to control the viability of the eggs.
Interior View of a bird's egg - Part of the egg - Chicken's egg interior view
Interior view of a chicken's egg (Image Source:
Egg Parts
Fertilized chicken eggs
Stages in chick embryo development:
The interior view of the bird egg allows us to observe all its parts.

During incubation, you should check the changes in the air chamber of the eggs.
Chicken embryo developement - Day to day chicken egg developement - Chicken hatching 
Pictures of chicken egg development
Egg Development Stages
Stages in chick embryo development
Stages in chick embryo development:
The chick in the process of developing feeds yellow and white of the egg. It breathes through the pores of the shell.
Incubation and hatching - Egg embryo development - How to hatch chicken eggs with an incubator 
Egg embryo development - Candling Eggs to Assess Fertility and Embryo Development
Chicken Incubation Process
Pictures of chicken egg developement
Stages in chick embryo development:
From day 1 to day 19 of incubation, the egg will lose water through the shell. This water will be replaced by air which will form the air chamber of the egg.

This air chamber will allow the chick to breathe at the beginning of the outbreak and provide the space to move when drilling the shell.
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